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Everything you need to know about a carpet cleaner

All carpet cleaners are based local to you around the country, and are all trained to the highest of standards. Whatever the job, they operate with experience, expertise and professionalism.

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Tips for Carpet Care

There are few ways through which we can keep carpets clean. These include:

  • Place a doormat at the entrance door and make sure you use it every time you walk in.

  • The most effective way to keep your carpets clean is to vacuum it regularly. This stops the dirt and soil building up on top of each other. When vacuuming, make sure you apply slow and firm strokes and always concentrate more on the parts which receive heavier foot-traffic.

  • All stains and spills should be treated as quickly as possible. If you can not have your Carpet Cleaner to clean the stains, remove any soil matters by a blunt knife edge. Fresh stains and spills should always be blotted with a clean white absorbent towel or a white plain tissue .Apply the towel or tissue with firm pressure. Do not rub or brush. Always work from outer edge of the stain towards the centre then spray worm water and blot again.

  • Have your carpet Steam-Cleaned every three or six months or at least once a year (It depends on the foot traffic)

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